SITE:WORK was a collaborative installation taking place in Safehouse 1 on Copeland road. I contributed a narrative or alternative ‘Exhibition Guide’ inspired by the concept of the show and the projected and sonic works produced by the other artists.


In the end we made a recording of me reading the piece and played it along side the other audio pieces in the house.

The Press Release I wrote for the show below:

SITE:WORK is a visual and sonic journey composed of sensory works observed, recorded, and built on site.

The work takes visitors on through a series of installations evoking a voyage through elemental environments which draw on the structure, sounds and material of the house itself.

SITE:WORK aims to explore our connection to and awareness of place, taking us ‘outside’, through forests and up mountains, in order to alter our perception of this inside space and our relation to it; our way of living in it. It also considers escapism, the fantasy of adventure within ordinary life. By playing with scale, reinventing our relationship to recognisable objects and making the overlooked visible, SITE:WORK reconsiders the pedestrian journey through a house as an act of escapism or adventure in its own right.

This collaborative project features works by Bea Wilson, Isobel Mei, Rob Shuttleworth, Tendayi Vine, Mike Barrett, Hans Lo, Max Morris-Doherty and Rosin Dunnett.

More details on the Facebook event page here.

SITE:WORK was part of the Peckham Rye Music Festival and received funding from the South Bank Center as well as projectors contributed by Kitmapper.