Novae Inuslua

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Novae Insula, meaning new island, is one of the results of a collaborative project with me and the artist Bea Wilson. We shot it over the course of two trips to Gozo, an island in Malta, and to Iceland.

We biked round Gozo and hitchhiked all the way around Iceland with the Super 8 camera on our back. The people we met hitching and finding our way around informed the story which I eventual wrote, narrated by Adrian Holmes over the footage which we gathered.

This film explores the function of fiction, in particular science fiction, as a way of presenting potential or plausible futures.

In a timeless future, the world’s climate and geography has changed dramatically. The discovery of an archival film documenting an island from earth’s past inspires a voyage in search of what might remain. Undertaken by a member of an Institute set up to document lost and surviving land, his journey takes the explorer through fantastic, mercurial country, which he struggles to prove was once part of his lost island.

It includes William Baskinski’s ‘disintegration loops’ constructed from rapidly decaying twenty-year-old tapes that echoe the feeling of archival film in the story.

Shown at Inland Studios

Watch it here

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