Feather, In Shades Magazine

In Shades Magazine have published my story Feathers, with a brilliant illustration by Amrita Marino.

Here’s an extract, read the whole thing on the link above.


When the pipe burst, they didn’t know what to do. Until then the blockage had been just one of many difficulties.

First the water came out grey and foul, full of evil smelling sediment, after that it had trickled and eventually stopped coming out at all. None of the other flats seemed to have been affected and so, after a while they began to take their showers downstairs, they took their washing round to her mother’s and  they took no baths. That was alright because recently the sky was brooding and heavy, flat as a lid on a box.  They went to and from the little flat in relative peace, but the atmospheric pressure was building. At the sides of the roads the grass had begun to grow especially green, which he found disturbing. He’d escaped the verdant, uniform lawns of his childhood, and hated to be reminded of them.