SITE:WORK, installation at Safehouse


SITE:WORK is a collaborative installation, a visual and sonic journey through elemental environments: presenting sensory works observed, recorded and built on site at the Safehouse on Copeland Road in Peckham.

Opening on May 14th-15 the piece will comprise projections and sound works, as well as a written narrative/story/guide to the work by me, which will also be recorded and play throughout the house alongside the sound works.

The house will be divided into rooms loosely themed around the elements and referencing the infrastructure of the house. The visitor will go on a journey though these elements, guided by my narrative.

I was brought into this project by one of it’s contributors and organizers, artist Bea Wilson with whom I previously collaborated to make the film Novae Insula.

This project has received sponsorship from KitMapper and Funding from the South Bank center.